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        How shall we start this? Well, I'm an energetic guy from Brooklyn, New York. The first real shot I got to be on stage was an Off-Broadway show called " The NutCracker Rated R"....having being only a B-boy at the time (now I've gone to develop in other dance styles as well), acting and portraying other characters in front of others of this scale was a little new for me in a sense, I've grown to Love being in front of an audience, whether I'm dancing, acting, being a comedian, stage or T.V, it brings out some of the best parts of me.

        I've had the fortunate pleasure of being part of a dance theater company name "Danstheater AYA" under the direction of Wies Bloemen in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. It was here where I truly learned to combine all the talents and skills I had acquired over the years traveling and performing, from dancing and performing self monologues, in English and Dutch mind you, it really was a great experience. Since then I've gone off to study back in my birth home of New York after having traveled many years performing. The biggest smile appeared on my face when I heard I was accepted into the one and only "Stella Adler Studio of Acting", it was located at West 27th at the time, a wonderful and beautiful place full of history, I truly learned fined artistry there. Being an Artist has given me so much and I want to share my experiences with everyone, and make new ones with you....yes, you reading this ;).

Enjoy my page and please feel free to contact me or my agent in the contact section. Much Peace to you

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